Carter was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where he grew up hunting Grey-Bellied Brant on the Padilla Bay in Western Washington State. He moved to the Tennessee Valley in 1969 after serving four years in the  Marine Corps. And has been training retrievers since 1972.

Being a duck hunter Carter has always realized the value of a trained retriever. His desire to better this sport is what lead him to choose this profession. 

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Celeste was born and raised in Southern Indiana. While being a single mom for 20 years, dogs have been her life long love.

She grew up with and owned Terriers, but purchased her first Labrador puppy in 1987 and fell in love with the wonderful personality of the breed.

In 1989 she began to train her dogs for hunt test competition. In 1992 Carter and Celeste were married and since have produced hundred of finished hunting and field trial competition dogs.